How to make carnival games is a question that often comes up when you’re in charge of the carnival games for a school, church, daycare center, recreation department, nonprofit, or and any other group that is having an event.

Carnival games are sometimes expensive to rent, and even more expensive to buy.  Many carnival game supply companies charge $195 to $395 per game.   It gets expensive, especially if you want ten to twenty games for your carnival.

What’s the solution?

Make your own games, of course.

Here are the advantages of making your own games:

  • You won’t incur expensive rental fees every year.
  • You may have any theme you wish on your games, such as dinosaurs or holiday themes.
  • You won’t have to worry about returning the games by a certain time.
  • The games will be built to last, unlike some of those made overseas.
  • Many of the games are relatively easy to make.

Most carnivals should have a good mixture of games, including games of skill and games of chance.  Also, every carnival should have easy games as well as more challenging ones.

What are the most popular carnival games?

Bean Bag Tosses

Ring Tosses

Dart Throws

Milk Can Tosses

Tic Tac Toe

For over 25 years, I’ve owned a special event company and designed and rented carnival games for all types of organizations.  Over the years, I’ve had many requests to build carnival games for these groups.  While I don’t have time to build games for people, I thought I’d put together some video instruction and plans, and let people make their own carnival games.

My program “How To Build Carnival Games“, has over 35 instructional videos, and shows how to make over 40 carnival midway games.

Most games can be put together using simple hand and power tools.  Some can even be made from scrap lumber in less that 45 minutes.  I’ve also include a detailed material list for each game, in addition to a list of trusted carnival game suppliers.

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