Carnival Midway Games

There should be a wide variety of carnival games to satisfy all age groups. The games should be fun, safe, and easy to play.

The younger children will enjoy the simple games that they can win, and the older kids will be challenged by seemingly impossible games.

There are four choices when adding carnival games to your event. You can use the games your organization already owns, make your own games, buy games, or rent them from a vendor.

Most schools will supply some of their own games, and supplement them with quality games from a vendor. The problem with renting carnival games is that it takes away from your bottom line, if your event is a fundraiser.

Buying games is not often a good choice, either, because most carnival game companies charge an average of $159 to $499 per game.  Most schools and churches are not able to afford over $2000 for purchasing 10 or more carnival games.

Many homemade games look flimsy and cheap.  In order to entice your attendees to stay longer you need quality carnival midway games that look attractive and are fun to play.

Here’s a program that will show you how to build over 35 popular carnival midway games:
How to Build Carnival Games

Choose popular games that will offer a variety to challenge all age groups.

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